SJGR: Electronic Voice Phenomenon training information

‘Electronic Voice Phenomenon is one of the best pieces of evidence we can obtain on an investigation.   It is much harder to dispute this evidence especially when the EVP is found to be out 3000 Hz) although many great EVPs do fall within this range.  The EVPs can also potentially help us figure out the nature of the spirit, the identity and more.    Because there is so much more value put into a good clear EVP than an orb photo or even an EMF reading, we should take the time to attempt to record some on every case.    Investigations with digital voice recorders can easily do audio recording on a case with no set up time so there t do this on every case.

History of EVPs

Thomas Edison said in the October 1920 issue of Scientific American that he was working on was working on an EVP recording device. However the credit for discovering EVP goes to Fredrich Jurgenson when in 1959 he was recording bird songs in the Swedish countryside and on play back he distinctly heard the voice of a man discussing nocturnal bird songs in Norwegian. He had heard nothing during the recording but many voices on playback, some giving him instructions on how to record more voices. EVPs are also called Raudive Voices after Konstantine Raudive who recorded s. He published “The Inaudible Made Audible.   The Association for Voice Taping Research was founded in the 1970’s in Germany, and American Association – Electronic Voice Phenomenon in 1982.

Methods of recording EVPs

Recording all the time during the case or leaving your recording in certain areas unattended.

Recording at specific times and asking general questions to the spirits that may be present. (recommended

Categories of EVPs

Class A – Loud and interpreted the same by all listeners.

Class B – interpreted differently by some listeners.

Class C – Requiring headphones to distinguish the voices and open to individual interpretation.

How do EVPs get on the recorder or tape?

This is still being researched worldwide but our experiments support one theory that Raudive and Bander formed while doing their experiments.   The spirit is using either existing sound waves or EM energy to directly imprint the EVPs on the recorder or tape.  Other researchers believe the researcher can actually be used by the spirit to imprint the EVPs using Telekinesis.

Analyzing EVPs

Most people use Cool Edit Pro, WavePad or other high end software, but there are other applications like Audacity that do a good job too.  The important features you will use areamplify, FFT filters and noise reduction. Using these capabilities, it is common for an investigator to find a so that it is a Class A EVP.  You can also use programs like Cool Edit Pro to see if it is out of the range of a human voice.

How do I record audio files into my computer?

If you don’t have a USB capable recorder you can still get your audio clips easily onto your computer.   Ghost Hunters were using this technique before there were digital recorders to hook up their tape recorders to a computer.   You will need a recording device with a headphone jack.   The headphone jack will connect to a computer Line In jack or Microphone jack with an ordinary audio patch cord.   You then would use your audio software to record the audio onto your computer.