How to Play and Convert Video Clips from your DVR

New Solution!

The open source video player VLC is free and works on all windows computers.  You can download it here:     Many people use this instead of Windows Media Player because it will play any file.    It will play the video files you take off your DVR with flash drives or external hard drives.    It can also convert thos vidoe clips to commonly used video types like avi, mpg and wmv easily inside the same program.   In the media menu, you will choose a file to play.   You can also choose to convert the video after you play it.   It allows you to make up your custom type of video clip so you can convert it to any of the preset types, many you may not recognize, or you can create your own convert template and choose the type of media file you want to change it to and then click convert and you are done.   Very easy to use but some people will need help and we are here to always be of assistance with that.    Just give us a call  609-261-2361 or shoot us an email and we will walk you through it.

Below is a older solution but you can try this one first if it sounds easier for you. Most home PCs do not come preinstalled with the type of video driver to view these files since it was usually not used for home use. All DVR running H.264, which is the most up to date video for DVRs, or the old MJPEG videos require you to download the proper video codec (video driver). Since these systems are designed for security purposes the video clips were not made to simply plug and play on home PCs. You you need to download a program that will install these drivers to your PC. The one we use, which is free, is K Lite codec pack. It will install the drivers that will allow your computer to read and view the videos. Here is the link to the codec pack, it comes with payers and lots of other useful video programs and it’s free. You want to use the mega pack or the 64 bit pack (if you are running a 64 bit version of windows)