How ghost hunters use Infrared Thermometers?

How do infrared (IR) thermometers work?

IR thermometers capture the invisible infrared energy naturally emitted from all objects. Infrared radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum which includes radio waves, microwaves, visible light, ultraviolet, gamma, and X-rays. Any object warmer than absolute zero emits energy somewhere within that range.

How does this apply to ghost hunting?

IR thermometers read the surface temperatures of things. The wall below is giving off a infrared heat signature of 78 degrees and the IR thermometer picks it up. If something invisible to the naked eye gets in between the wall surface and the thermometer and it has a lower you IR heat signature you will get a colder temperature reading. This is “impossible” but we do record these anomalous temperature drops in haunted locations and that’s why they are so significant, they can’t be explained.

Can the object or product being measured be moving?

Yes. Measuring moving targets is one of the benefits of using non-contact infrared thermometers.

Do IR thermometer send out any beams?

No, the IR thermometer just receives in infrared hear signatures coming off any surface you point it at. Some models do have a laser but this is not needed in ghost hunting. The laser pointer help mechanics using a IR thermometer to pinpoint an exact part they need to check the temperature of.

How close do I have to be to an object to take its temperature?

Distance does not affect the measurement. However, infrared sensors measure the energy from a circular spot on the target, and the size of that spot is a function of the distance between the sensor and target. The farther away from the target the sensor is, the larger the spot. Consequently, distance is only limited by the size of the object you want to measure. Most IR thermometers have a maximum measuring distance of approximately 100 feet (30 meters), depending on atmospheric conditions. High humidity can reduce the effectiveness and accuracy of IR Thermometers.

How ghost hunters use Ambient Air Thermometers

These work the way that most of us understand a thermometer to work. It reads the temperature of the air that is right around the thermometer and/or around it’s sensing bulb. Most remember the highest and lowest temperatures it has read so you can see if there have been any big changes in an area.