Easy Cap Problems

Download new drivers for the Easycap DC60

Why can not hear any sound when I preview the video?

Answer: Please set the software following the below picture. And you need to set following below settings too if you can not hear the sound when you play back the recorded video file.

Note: The software has bug with Vista system — you can not hear any sound when you preview the video. But the recorded file has no problems on the sound.

Of course, you can get sound through setting software to compatible model with Vista OS.

Why can not I find the video file after I record? And why the file size is very big?

Answer: You can find the video file way in the “Capture folder” gap, and usually the way is: My documents — (Documents) — Ulead VideoStudio SE. You can change the recorded file location through the “Capture folder” selection as below picture.

The recorded file can be a lot of formats, such as AVI, Mpeg1, or Mpeg2, etc. The size of AVI video file in the same time is bigger than Mpeg1/2. Mpeg2 video file size need about 2GB space for 1hour.