The V Pod by Vortex Ghost Gear

The V Pod by Vortex Ghost Gear

It works by the V-Pod's Antenna, Radiating its own EM Field around it which will detect any kind of variation,change, instability or disturbance that comes near it.The closer it gets to the antenna the more lights will light up. Small size fits conveniently in your hand,easy to pack and runs one 9 volt Battery
Its based on
1. Source Proximity -How close to the antenna it is
2. Strength - How strong the field is
3. EM Field Manipulation- Its believed that spirits can manipulate Electro Magnetic Fields
If any of this happens the V-Pod will be activated by lighting up the 4 LEDs and an audible alarm will sound.
Please keep in mind that EM Fields can and will be affected by materials and or objects that conduct electricity,



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Now with foldable antenna so no more broken pod antennas and an easier fit into you case or even your pocket.   It also has musical audio alert which seems to attract more spirits to it along with the basic multiple sound option

The Vpod works like similar pods and trigger props by creating a magnetic field around the antenna and when something breaks that field and gets close to or touches the antenna, the colored lights and audible sounds will alert you.