The Spectral Detector

The Spectral Detector

If you are a paranormal investigator and are looking for that new and unique piece of equipment to round out your kit, the Spectral Detector is the one for you. No other company offers a device such as this. Currently the Spectral Detector is out for field testing with Steve Gonsalves and Britt Grifith of Ghost Hunters, Rex Williams from Destination Truth, as well as several other paranormal investigational teams. With the Spectral Detector in your arsenal you will be able to more thoroughly document the paranormal sites that you investigate.

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The Spectral Detector

EMF/Infrared Camera Shutter Trigger

As we all know paranormal investigations provide a unique problem when it comes to evidence. The main goal of paranormal research is to find proof of the supernatural. It is not simply enough to have an experience; it is necessary to document it. With the flood of paranormal sensing gadgets becoming hard to stem, a new product has recently made its debut. The Spectral Detector is a new device that will allow investigators to more thoroughly document paranormal investigations. When investigating a site paranormal researchers often rely on the monitoring of electromagnetic fields for change. It is believed that spirits are made up of energy that manipulates the earth’s magnetic field. Researchers also believe that fluctuating electromagnetic fields that seem to float around a space can be indicative of paranormal activity.

The Spectral Detector attaches to most DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras and will trigger the camera when there is a fluctuation in electromagnetic or passive infrared (thermal) fields. The trigger has a sensitivity adjustment that can be changed to account for high baseline electromagnetic readings that can be encountered at a site. While this may not seem to be of consequence to the layperson, the benefits to the paranormal field will be great. The Spectral Detector finally allows a still camera to stand alone in a location to document while freeing the researcher to investigate other places.

The technical side of the Spectral Detector is fairly straight-forward. To put it simply, the trigger fires your camera whenever a large enough fluctuation in electromagnetic fields is sensed. The trigger uses a Linear Ratiometric Hall Effect sensor to detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. When there is a change beyond what would normally be associated with normal geophysical changes (about 0.08 mG/s) the Spectral Detector tells the camera to take a picture. The passive infrared sensor works in a similar fashion, but triggers the camera when changes in temperature are recorded. Paranormal investigators throughout the world use both EMF and thermal sensing technologies in their investigations and the Spectral Detector now allows for them to document these changes.

This item comes in two options – the basic unit and cable or the Pro Version that also includes a case and locking hot shoe adapter. 

We will email you after you order to get the make and model of your SLR camera so we can make sure you get the proper cable for the unit to work.    Here is a listing of known capable  camera models  

Accessories:  Pro Hot Shoe Adaptor

This is a custom built item and will take approximately 2 weeks to ship