The HLC by Digital Dowsing

The HLC by Digital Dowsing

The Heat Light Converter has a thermal element that senses temperature changes in front of it and changes the color of the LED flashlight accordingly



Thermal Flashlight sees temperature changes. Now your eyes are a thermal camera!

Quickly detect cold spots, body heat and much more!

Color Descriptions -

  • Blue – Blue light indicates Cold temperatures.  Typically Below 35°F.
  • Blue/Green – Blue/Green light indicates Cool temperatures.  Between 36°F-50°F
  • Green/Red – Green/Red light indicates Warm temperatures.  Between 70°F – 80°F.
  • Red – Red light indicates Hot temperatures.  Typically 80°F and above.

Operating the HLC – Thermal Flashlight

The HLC – Thermal Flashlight requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.  Carefully remove back cover and install batteries in their proper order; note the + and – of the batteries. Make sure to use good quality, brand name lithium batteries.   The Power Switch is on the front of the HLC – Thermal Flashlight.  To turn ON, slide the switch to the left.   To turn OFF, slide to the right.


Due to the popularity of Digital Dowsing products, this item may additional shipping time