The EVP Package By Digital Dowsing

The EVP Package By Digital Dowsing

Separately, these devices sell for a combined total of $110. Get all three for $89.


USA SALES ONLY – This is a Digital Dowsing Product and not available for Sales outside the USA due to CE licensing restrictions.


Separately, these devices sell for a combined total of $110.  Get all three for $89.


In this kit you get the following:

1- ES (Energy Speaker) – Converts sound from an audio source into a magnetic field

1- EVP Mic – Inductive microphone designed to capture EMF, not audio

1- White Noise EM – Creates a “white noise” in a magnetic field


So what is an ES…. simply its a speaker that doesn’t create sound ..instead it creates sound as a magnetic field.

Several years ago we began experimenting with ways to create EVP.

One of the most common held Idea’s is simple modulation of a magnetic field inducing a signal into system electronics.   The ES can turn any portable electronic device like a MP3 player, Recorded or even ipod or Cell phone into a magnetic broadcast system.

Why ?

Well It’s commonly held that a great deal of Paranormal Activity is related to EMF.  So why not broadcast trigger music in an audio format as a magnetic wave rather than sound.  With the ES your next EVP session can have full time trigger music playing with out disturbing the audio EVP recordings.

For example:

Broadcast white noise while during an EVP session.

Broadcast specific tones and frequencies to see what the effects are.

Send out Voice commands via the system to trigger an emf meter or  move an object.

“Eliminating the Human effect on the test”

Set up a Non human test using camera’s, ES and EMF meters…. Using a simple y audio adapter the audio signal could be recorded by the video camera and the whole result would be free of audio contamination.

The ES is small, light and powers from the speaker output of your electronic device No flashing lights, No Noise contamination …. Something New !

Simple to use:

Plug the ES into your portable device earphone jack or audio jack. Turn the device on and the audio will be converted to a magnetic audio format.  How do you test it … place an emf meter on the ES to see the field is being created or use an Inductive probe or an inductor plugged into an reorder.

 The White-Noise EM is easy to use:

  • Install three, good quality AAA batteries. The battery panel snaps out from the back. The best way to remove the cover is to turn the unit over, place both thumbs on the battery cover and push. It should slide out with ease. (Note the small +/- signs to install the batteries correctly.)
  • Turn the ON / OFF switch to the ON position by sliding the switch toward the front of the case. Turn OFF by sliding the switch toward the back of the case.

What does the White-Noise EM do?

White-Noise EM creates a multi-tone, complex white noise that sweeps.   You won’t hear the white noise; it’s created as an EM field. In a very dark room, you will see a faint red glow coming from the ovals in the face plate. These may not be visible in normal daylight or in lighted rooms.


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