Amplified Radiating EM Antenna & SDD Shadow Detection Combined


This is a custom built item – takes at least 10 days┬áto ship

This Pod device combines the REM and SDD Shadow detection technologies into one easy to use package. The POD gets a major face lift with rubberized non-slip coating, nylon light columns and tripod mounting accessory. Each REM/SDD feature has its own distinctive sound that correlates to the influence received.


REM-Pod-SDD Specifications

  • Easy to View Bright RED, GREEN, BLUE & Yellow Indication (REM)
  • Audible Tones Correlating To Field Disturbance
  • Glow in the Dark Surface Allows Easy Visibility (Glows for 24 hrs.)
  • Scratch Resistant Textured Rubber Coating Cleans Easily with Alcohol
  • Includes: (1) 9Vdc Alkaline battery
  • Includes: (2) Illumination light sources to create light contrast variations
  • Includes: (1) Rem-Pod-TM Tripod Adapter


  • Easy to View Center Vertical Light Column – RED (Light Decrease) GREEN (Light Increase)
  • Audible Tones (Ascending / Descending) Correlating To Light Increase or Decrease
  • 9Vdc Operation
  • Instantaneous Response To Light Contrast Fluctuations
  • Includes (1) 75′ Long Range RED Illumination & (1) Short Range Diffused RED Illumination Source