Amplified REM-Pod NEW ATDD capabilities

Amplified REM-Pod NEW ATDD capabilities

Recent upgraded Amplified REM-Pod with NEW Red Acrylic top and NEW ATDD capabilities!
Designed Exclusively For Professional Paranormal Investigators With EM Radiating Antenna Detects Energy Disturbances & Fluctuations around the Antenna Displays the Field Disturbance Using Multi-Colored Light Columns and Audible Tones

This New feature uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic Field around the instrument. This EM field can be easily influenced by materials and objects that conduct electricity. Based on source proximity, strength and EM field distortion...(4) colorful LED lights can be activated in any order or combination. This new feature is intended to further help promote and advance Paranormal research.



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Rem Pods have been re-designed using a red backlit acrylic top and black acrylic bottom and the Ambient Temperature Deviation