Para-Scope Version 3

Para-Scope Version 3

$89.00 — $102.00

  • This is the Paranologies Para-Scope Version 3 The Plasma.  copyright © 2011 Paranologies
    • This is a Customized 8 channel TriboElectric Field Meter(Static) V3.
    • Picks up TriboElectric Fields and follows them Visually on the 3″ Led Tower.
    • Custom Lexan Led panel to visually detect the sensor from long distances or in IR Lighting.
    • Tailored for Paranormal Investigation’s to detect Fields we cannot see with our eye’s such as the hair lifting up from one’s arm during an investigation.
    • Ambient blue light to detect the unit in the dark.
    • Work’s off a 9 Volt battery(not Included). We sell batteries to make it easy if needed. Visit our Accessories Page.
    • Custom Designed- We designed and own all rights for this custom piece Tailored Specifically for a Paranormal Investigation.
    • Completely Hand built, wired and molded out of ABS Plastic In the USA Paranologies LAB.
    • Field tested by Actual Paranormal Team’s with great results.
    • Measures 2.5″ wide by 3.5″ Tall.
      • Want to add audio and be audibly alerted? click on the accessories tab and place the Add Audio item to your cart.
    • Watch the video’s below for more info and to see the unit in action during an actual paranormal investigation. The video on the very bottom is an Unbiased video posted from a Paranormal Group.
    • Great Early Results coming in from Paranormal Groups from all over the US.

3-4  days build time before shipping to us


Audio Option:   Record any sound you want to the sensors when they trigger. A record button and microphone will be added to the unit so you press the button and either talk into it or add any noise you like. For instance, If you have have 4 Parascopes at a location. You can record your voice on the Parascope as to where it is, Hallway, Kitchen, Bedroom etc. and if you are out of the room You’ll know exactly which one is Triggered.

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