Panoptic Camera

Panoptic Camera



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  • This is the Paranologies Panoptic Camera  copyright © 2011 Paranologies 
    • 650 TVL Infra-red camera.
    • Fully adjustable Lens from 3.5-9.0 width, no more worrying about hallways or bedrooms. This camera will work for both!
    • 24 led custom Paranologies IR Illuminator Built in.
    • Paranologies custom Phono Pod Microphone Built in.
    • Male Rca Jacks on top of the unit for use with your own dvr.(Mini Modular Dvr Coming soon for this unit).
    • This unit is a stand alone camera, and does not record.
    • Battery Operated (8 AA’s Not included) Will run 2-3 hours depending on Battery type longer.
    • We sell batteries to make it easy if needed.
    • Hot Shoe Mount with Hot shoe stand Included. Tripod Screw on bottom of hot shoe stand to Tripod mount.
    • Purchasing the Ir Illuminator, Phono Pod and camera individually would be over $250.00. This unit is all in one(Panoptic).
    • Great Early Results coming in from Paranormal Groups from all over the US

2 t0 3 days to build before shipping

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