Nikon Full Spectrum CoolPix Camera

Nikon Full Spectrum CoolPix Camera



You save
$50.00 (
25% )!

This camera has been hand modified so it can see in Full Spectrum: ultraviolet through visible light
into deep infrared light spectrums. You do need a light source like a infrared light, IR and UV light
or full spectrum light.

For those of you who prefer a smaller,
handheld Point and Shoot, Here is your
camera! Full Spectrum modification provides
an excellent picture. 20 MP produce an
outstanding image whether under IR, full
spectrum or regular lighting.

This is our best selling point & shoot camera.

20 MP Digital Camera (Full Spectrum

720p HD Movie Mode

Motion Detection

and More

Full Spectrum photography is commonly
used in paranormal research and other fields
due to the fact that following modification,
the camera is now able to capture images
from light waves invisible to the naked eye.

These light waves include Ultraviolet (UV)
and Infrared (IR).

Research has shown that most recorded
anomalies have been
photographed/videotaped within these
invisible light waves. This is probably due to
the correlation between the light spectrum
and the electro-magnetic spectrum.

It is Gotcha Ghost’s theory that the spirit
world exists within these alternate
frequencies which vibrate at a higher and/or
lower frequency than our own. By focusing
our view into these frequencies, we have
captured that which resides there.



Since we’ve lowered our prices by 20-40% on all our cameras the orders are swamping the builders so
please allow extra time based on times of heavy demand. These are hand modified so they may take 5-7
days longer to ship on top of our normal shipping times.