Mel-Vibe – EMF, Temperature, Vibration, Flashlight, Glow Buttons

Mel-Vibe - EMF, Temperature, Vibration, Flashlight, Glow Buttons

This feature utilizes a high sensitivity Accelerometer to detect just the slightest Touch or Vibration. Another useful tool to engage spirit when gathering evidence. We had a lot of fun testing this new feature out. Imagine something so sensitive that it detects a cotton ball, paper clip, piece of popcorn or a slight tap of your finger anywhere on a 8 long wood table top! Or, being able to detect a foot "stomp" on a 4" slab of concrete from 30' away!
It can even detect the sound pressure level / frequency from your voice if you shout toward it from 4' away. many people have felt the sensation of a touch on their arm, shoulder, back and so on. If Spirit is willing to cooperate, just the slightest "Touch" anywhere on the Mel meter will be detected and acknowledged with a short 2 sec "beep" and then reset.


Free carrying case included!

Mel-8704R-Vibe ProNavigator is Designed Exclusively For Paranormal Investigators Now with High Sensitivity Vibration and Touch Detection

• ELF Range down to 30Hz ! • Night Vision Safe, High Intensity Red Flashlight • High Sensitivity (1Hz-10Hz)Vibration / Touch Detection- 2 sec. Beep with Auto Reset • Custom Dual Display Correlates EMF & Temperature Cold Spots Simultaneously! • Custom Glow-In-The-Dark Push Buttons. A 30 sec. Charge from Your Flashlight Lasts 3 Hours! • Custom Glow-In-The-Dark Lightning Bolt EMF Stickers Help Identify EMF “Hot Spots” for De-Bunking During Baseline Analysis. • EMF “Burst” Mode Feature is Ideal for Sweeping a room & Tracking Dynamic EMF movement • Measurement Ranges: 20, 200, 2000 uTesla 200, 2000, 20,000 mGauss • Super Bright Custom Red “Night view” Display with On/Off Button • Fast Response Type “K” Thermocouple Temperature Sensor • Record Feature Captures Min & Max Values

Measures EMF & Temperature “Cold Spots” Simultaneously That’s right…the Mel Meter is the only Instrument that can do this. If you’re a Sci Fi Ghost Hunter fan, you’ll notice that during their Investigations, they will often encounter an EMF change which is usually followed by a significant Temperature drop. Now, imagine being able to validate both changes simultaneously, and be able to track the source in real time with one hand in total darkness! No more fumbling for a flashlight to see the display in the dark.

EMF “Burst Mode” This feature allocates 100% of the micro-processors scan speed to monitor dynamic EMF changes. The display can update so quickly that your eyes will barley be able to keep up with it. If something is on the move, this feature can be activated with the push of a button. I like to use the “Record” function in this mode because it can capture the Min & Max measured values. So, if you have a EMF meter with a standard LCD display, get ready for a big change!

Red Navigator Flashlight This feature utilizes a high intensity long life (100,000 hours) Collimated Red LED to provide instant illumination of the floor in front of you, and of objects up to 30′ away. Ideal for fast paced tracking of EMF and Cold Spot changes in total darkness while using the backlight display, this 670nm wavelength will not interfere with Night Vision Equipment. Even after 5 hours of 100% continuous uninterrupted usage, The digital current regulation circuitry provides plenty of energy to power the Mel Meter and backlight Display for many more hours.

Mel-Cal The Mel Meter is the only Intelligent EMF / Temperature device that uses a proprietary “Smart Calibration” function that allows the user to Calibrate the instrument in the field. Should the unlikely event ever occur, and the unit performs out of Spec. All you need to do is contact us and give us your serial number ID. We will provide you with a special code sequence to get your unit working in “Like New” condition again…it’s that simple!