Mel-8704R-MADD – “Natural” EMF plus all the regular MEL features

Mel-8704R-MADD - "Natural" EMF plus all the regular MEL features

Mel-8704R-MADD (Magnetic Anomaly Deviation Detector)

Digital EMF, Temperature, Red Flashlight, Red Backlight



In addition to detecting digital EMF and ambient temperature changes, the new MADD feature detects subtle Natural Geomagnetic Field Fluctuations within our environment, and depicts detected Polar fluctuations using a LED bi-color array and audible sound . Signal strength changes produces a unique tone and corresponding led light. There is a one Octave step for each step change which allows the user to quickly hear and differentiate any changes even without looking at the display. This device has a 5-step digital sensitivity adjustment with baseline adjustment which allows the user to configure the device based on individual preferences


  • Measures EMF, ambient Temperature, and detects Natural DC Geomagnetic Field Fluctuations.
  • EMF “Burst” (100msec) mode feature for rapid EMF fluctuation
  • EMF Min/Max capture
  • Rapid response ambient temperature measurement
  • Temperature min/max capture
  • Red night view Backlight Display with On/Off Button
  • High intensity Red Flashlight
  • Glow in The Dark Push Buttons – Must be charged under a bright light for 5 minutes prior to use
  • MADD (Magnetic Anomaly Deviation Detection) Natural Field Detection
  • Includes: (1) 9Vdc Alkaline battery
  • Includes: (1) Deluxe carrying case