Infrared and Normal camcorder

Infrared and Normal camcorder


This camera has been hand modified so it can see in Full Spectrum: ultraviolet through visible light
into deep infrared light spectrums. You do need a light source like a infrared light, IR and UV light
or full spectrum light.

Infrared and Normal (full color) camcorder

Best Night vision Camcorder (IR) for the Money!

Infrared Night Vision for Ghost Hunting applications.
Best choice for beginners as well as seasoned

WiFi Function: enable remote view, capture and video
shooting: “iSmart TV” turn your smartphone or tablet into a
real-time remote to control the camcorder,

Real-Time Broadcasting: record the investigation in Full-
HD quality service to snare images with friends all over the
world in real-time; (online real time broadcasting app is applied)

capture your every minute or action With wifi 3.0 inches
touch TFT LCD camcorder,

30FPS 16X Zoom Camera DV 270 degree Rotation with
Touchscreen; 5MP CMOS Sensor,

32 GB SD card included


Since we’ve lowered our prices by 20-40% on all our cameras the orders are swamping the builders so
please allow extra time based on times of heavy demand. These are hand modified so they may take 5-7
days longer to ship on top of our normal shipping times.

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