HTO (Haunted Trigger Object) detection system

HTO (Haunted Trigger Object) detection system

Here is the latest from the folks at Vortex Ghost Gear and The GhostHunter Store is the exclusive reseller of this new exciting piece of equipment!


HTO has been in development for 2 years now,what it does is four led lights will light up when either touched or a static charge comes near. It connects to anything metal and anything that either touches or comes with in range will cause the lights to light up.

How can this benefit paranormal research?

Think about the endless possibilities. You go into a supposed haunted location,rumors of children haunting it, you can hook it up to any metal toy (cars,windup toys jax,ect ect) the spirit try’s to play with them you have visual evidence.

Violent crime? a murder perhaps,,,the murder weapon,a knife ,,a gun, an axe,anything metal…

Grandpas’ favorite tool,a drill, saw , hammer..