Hand Crafted / Copper Clad Dowsing “L” Rods

Hand Crafted / Copper Clad Dowsing "L" Rods

It is said that the great majority of people have the ability to use dowsing rods skillfully, with just a bit of guided practice. These 1/8" diameter / bright copper clad divining rods are fitted with clear plastic sleeves, to allow for free and unimpeded movement of the rods when in actual use. You will appreciate the ease at which they swing ...... allowing for a more "sensitive" feel!!! These are custom made for us. If you would like info about a different size or type of rod please email us for availability and price:



“To use dowsing rods to find ghosts, most dowsers recommend using two L-shaped rods that have been made from brass or some lightweight metal. Then, hold the short end of the rod so that the longer piece points outward, away from your body. The rods should be held loosely so that they have room to swing easily back and forth.

After that, begin searching the building or location. It has been suggested that it’s possible that by searching, and by concentrating on what you are looking for, you can find ghosts, anomalous energy and some say even dimensional portals, using dowsing rods.

Walk about the location and follow where the rods lead you. They are supposed to point in the direction of any energy they detect. Once you have discovered the energy source, the rods will cross, signaling that the area in question has been found.” From THE GHOST HUNTER’S GUIDEBOOK by Troy Taylor.