Ghost Research 101

Ghost Research 101

Investigating Haunted Homes" is geared towards the investigator just starting to investigate private homes but there is something in it for researchers at any level. Dave has trained hundreds of investigators over his 28 year career . This book includes his training methods and the investigation protocols he currently uses himself. The book covers the basics of investigating haunted home and hopes to instill a positive work ethic when dealing with the residents. Dave has lived in haunted homes for many years and understands what it's like to be the investigator as well as the resident.



Some of the topics and techniques included in the book are:

* About the People Who Contact Us for help
* Types of Hauntings and Spirits
* Using the Equipment
* Using Psychic Investigators
* Combining Physical and Psychic Evidence
* Anatomy of a Typical Investigation
* Reviewing and Evaluating the Evidence
* Following up with the Residents
* Samples and Explanations of the Paperwork
* Much more…