Full Spectrum Go Pro Compatible Cam with IR light

Full Spectrum Go Pro Compatible Cam with IR light



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$25.00 (
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This camera has been hand modified so it can see in Full Spectrum: ultraviolet through visible light
into deep infrared light spectrums. You do need a light source like a infrared light, IR and UV light
or full spectrum light.

These are GoPro Compatible camera take videos in 1080p full HD

They are full spectrum digital still and video cameras (with audio) modified

Included is a FREE powerful 3 LED portable infrared light that runs on 9 volt battery for 16 hours.

Also included is a free 8 gigabyte SD card and accessory pack!

FREE shipping on this item  (a shipping credit will be issued in the final check out page before you confirm payment)

These cameras are compatible with Go Pro accessories!


Since we’ve lowered our prices by 20-40% on all our cameras the orders are swamping the builders so
please allow extra time based on times of heavy demand. These are hand modified so they may take 5-7
days longer to ship on top of our normal shipping times.