FLIR i5 Compact IR Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR i5 Compact IR Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera with 80x80 pixels IR Resolution
Lightweight 12oz
2% accuracy, 0.1C thermal sensitivity
2.8" color LCD
Double molded rugged design



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$300.00 (
16% )!

The 60101-0201 FLIR i5 Compact Thermal Imaging InfraRed Camera features 10,000 pixels per image and a focus-free lens. Used by energy auditors, building inspectors and other predictive maintenance specialists, this IR camera provides quality images – 100X100 IR resolution – and temperature data on a 2.8″ LCD display. It can store up to 5,000 JPEG files, offers thermal accuracy of +/-2% and a broad temperature range of -4