EDI Plus Multi-Meter & Data Logger

EDI Plus Multi-Meter & Data Logger



  • EMF

  • Temp

  • Pressure

  • Humidity

  • Vibration

  • Data-Logging

Technical Specs:


-Low frequency down to 10 hz

-Accurate milligaus readings from 0-12mg

-Single Axis

-Indicator lights start dim response at approximately 1 milligauss and light sequentialy at various strengths up to 12mg

-Speaker responds at approximately 3 milligauss

Vibration Sensor

-3 axis accelerometer with  high pass filtered output to measure changes in acceleration in the +- 2g range

-Five indicator LEDs will set off in increasing intensity between 0.0244G – 0.122G


-Accurate to +-1 C from 0-65 C with 0.1 C resolution

-Alarms LEDs sensitive to +-0.1 F change in < 0.5 seconds

Data Logging & EDI-Graph App

All sensor data can be recorded to an SD card. Once per second the min/max values of each sensor is calculated and saved to a log file on the SD card

-Data is logged in .CSV format

-Application Requirements: PC with Windows


-Accurate to +- 3 %RH in 20 – 80 %RH range with 0.1%RH resolution

Alarm LEDs sensitive to +- 3%RH change in < 0.5 seconds


Accurate to +- 1.0hPa in 300 – 1000 hPa range with 0.1 hPa resolution

-Alarm LEDs sensitive to +- 0.15 hPa change in < 0.5 seconds

EDI PLUS Quick Start Guide

This is a brand new meter so it will NOT ship in normal shipping time frames.   The manufacturer is waiting for the January shipment and then we will get them from them this month.

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