Earth Wave Manifester “AKA” The Wish Machine

Earth Wave Manifester "AKA" The Wish Machine


Ever heard of  Radionics ?
The EWM is a radionics device designed to capture your emotion and intent ,  re-broadcasting  them indefinitely.
Can we narrow the gap between Mediums and the rest of us?

Is it really possible to amplify your desires and manifest them? Would you like to enhance your meditation?

Light, small and compact the EWM is portable! intended for both beginner and advanced user.

How does it work?  With this device you can manifest your intent or a target object.

This type of device is commonly called a Wish Machine

Manifesting has been talked about for years and practiced by millions of people.  The EWM is the next generation in radionics, Knobs have been replaced with a microprocessor. The User places their intent on the Device face plate and the Intent s 4000 bits of information not 3 to 6 settings like other units. The Intent remains stored in the EMW until the user chooses to change it. The LEDs will provide positive confirmation that the new Intent has been stored if the users so chooses. Next the EWM samples the Target from the same location as the intent sample, 50 samples 4000 bits. The Target is broadcast using the the custom coil and orgone charged crystal . The new Target information remains stored in the EWM until the users chooses to change it.
But what do we mean Earth Wave ?
The EWM runs on 3 AAA batteries the internal microprocessor controls all functions.  The Earth Wave is run constantly at 7.8 Hz to promote harmony with your natural surroundings, via a Spiral Coil (Image 4) . Your Intent is broadcast via the custom coil and light charged crystal. The Witness / Target area on the face plate has a custom designed serpentine receiver built in.
New to radionics ?

 We suggest doing some research first before buying the EWM.

This Device is intended for the advanced user.

The EWM is built using surface mount technologies!

Intent and Target are sampled 50 times that’s 4000 bits of stored intent and target information.   The EWM creates Square and Saw Waves from PURE DC, no reversing polarity waves,  “AC” are created.

The EMW is easy to operate and it comes with a complete manual to explain basic use and functions.   Light, small and compact the EWM is portable!

Requires no external power source only 3 AAA batteries.

Is it really possible to amplify  your desires and manifest them ?

Discover what people have been doing for decades !

  • Enhance meditation
  • Utilize the latest technology
  • Dream, Intend and MANIFEST !


The EWM is offered for experimental use only

The EWM is offered for entertainment purposes only because of it’s experimental nature.

The EWM is intended for adult use only. This is not a child’s toy

The EWM it is not designed or meant to be used to treat any type of medical illness.

The EWM creates low intensity magnetic waves from .1 to 1000 Hz at 20 mg at the surface of the unit

Important: Radionics Devices or Accessories, are NOT  medical devices.

Therefore they cannot be used to heal any disease.


Due to the popularity of Digital Dowsing products, this item may additional shipping time