Infrared 12MP Econo Kodak Camera

Infrared 12MP Econo Kodak Camera

Takes photos and video with sound deep within the IR spectrum of light.



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This camera has been modified so it can see inĀ infrared light spectrum. You will need to use a IR light in low light

InfraredĀ 12MP Econo Camera Kodak ES 1505

An economy class 12MP digital camera that has been converted to take photos within the full light spectrum. This includes ultraviolet, infrared and the visible light in between. Use with the flash in darkness or with the aid of IR or full spectrum lighting.

Features: 32GB Expandable Memory – Supports up to 32GB SD memory that can be stored for thousands of images, or record digital video clips. Automatic power mode- Prolong batteries life by auto-switching the camera power off. Built-in Microphone-Records voices and sounds when recording videos just like a full-motion camcorder. (No Speaker on camera, no sound on camera playback) HUGE 2.7″ wide-screen Display-Preview your pictures or videos instantly on the color TFT-LCD built-in display.

Since we’ve lowered our prices by 20-40% on all our cameras the orders are swamping the builders so please allow extra time based on times of heavy demand. These are hand modified so they may take 5 -7 days longer to ship on top of our normal shipping times. If we have them in stock the will ship right away. Feel free or email or call to check with us if you need it by a certain date because we can usually get it to you in time 609-261-2361