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- Thermometers & Temperature Sensors

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      Non Contact IR Thermometer


      We are going with this model to replace the Raytek thermometer so we can save you money.
      This thermometer works the same way but it has advatgaes over the Raytek. It has an on/off
      switch for the targeting laser so if you don't like to use it you can just turn it off. This non contact
      thermometer is a point and shoot thermometer that will give you temperature changes in seconds. Read More...

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      PT101 Thermometer


      This handheld thermometer is a commercial grade thermometer that gives you air temperature
      changes in a second or less. It's perfect for checking cold spots in exact locations. Read More...

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      Temperature/Humidity Pen


      Knowing the ambient temperature and humidity in an area of a location is important not only to look for changes. Some pieces of equipment like IR non contact thermometers, E-Pods and REM-Pods are directly influenced by the humidity so you need to know what the humidity is in each area you use these pieces of equipment.

      Dual display for humidity and temperature
      Max/Min memory

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      USB Temperature Data logger


      Just plug this into your computers USB port, pick your desired recording intervals and start time/date.
      Then unplug it and place it in areas you want to monitor temperatures. When you are done, plug it back in
      and see all the readings!