– Motion Sensors

- Motion Sensors

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      These motion detectors currently sell like crazy on TV under the name "Drive Way Alert". This great new product will alert you if a spirit passes by the transmitter. Simply place the transmitter somewhere in the area you are conducting your investigation. Read More...

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      The Spectral Detector

      from $195.00

      If you are a paranormal investigator and are looking for that new and unique piece of equipment to round out your kit, the Spectral Detector is the one for you. No other company offers a device such as this. Currently the Spectral Detector is out for field testing with Steve Gonsalves and Britt Grifith of Ghost Hunters, Rex Williams from Destination Truth, as well as several other paranormal investigational teams. With the Spectral Detector in your arsenal you will be able to more thoroughly document the paranormal sites that you investigate. Read More...