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- Misc Equipment

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      GHS Geophone


      Detects vibration like a seismography detects tremors and earthquakes. The lights light up according to how much vibration is detected. You can use to for detecting movement or objects. Place it in an area to see if phantom footsteps or knocking also causing vibrations which would show they are really happening. You can also use to as a trigger prop and ask spirit to touch it and/or turn on the lights in responses to questions. Read More...

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      Green 50mW Laser Grid - 60% Brighter!


      As Seen on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. These are the brightest you can get Read More...


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      HTO Haunted Trigger Object detection system T.O.P.S.


      Here is the latest from the folks at Vortex Ghost Gear and The GhostHunter Store is the exclusive reseller of this new exciting piece of equipment! Read More...

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      A geiger counter can be very useful in an investigation for monitoring the changes in the background radiation of a location. Researchers have found that ambient radiation seems to be drained or increased in the presents of ghosts. Geiger counters have been shown to be effective in paranormal investigation since the 1970's and are recommended by ghosthunters such as Troy Taylor and Peter Underwood. Read More...


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      Save 15%

      Hot & Cold Spot Audible Detection with Red & Blue Trend LED Read More...

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      The Spectral Detector

      from $195.00

      If you are a paranormal investigator and are looking for that new and unique piece of equipment to round out your kit, the Spectral Detector is the one for you. No other company offers a device such as this. Currently the Spectral Detector is out for field testing with Steve Gonsalves and Britt Grifith of Ghost Hunters, Rex Williams from Destination Truth, as well as several other paranormal investigational teams. With the Spectral Detector in your arsenal you will be able to more thoroughly document the paranormal sites that you investigate. Read More...

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      The V Pod by Vortex Ghost Gear


      Save 3%

      It works by the V-Pod's Antenna, Radiating its own EM Field around it which will detect any kind of variation,change, instability or disturbance that comes near it.The closer it gets to the antenna the more lights will light up. Small size fits conveniently in your hand,easy to pack and runs one 9 volt Battery
      Its based on
      1. Source Proximity -How close to the antenna it is
      2. Strength - How strong the field is
      3. EM Field Manipulation- Its believed that spirits can manipulate Electro Magnetic Fields
      If any of this happens the V-Pod will be activated by lighting up the 4 LEDs and an audible alarm will sound.
      Please keep in mind that EM Fields can and will be affected by materials and or objects that conduct electricity, Read More...