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      EVP Field Processor


      The E.F.P. is a small size enclosure approx. (2.75 x 5.0 x 1.0). The E.F.P. has been tested and is commonly used by the Top Paranormal Investigators on TV and Paranormal Investigators Word Wide!, Proving again and again to be a valuable tool when conducting E.V.P. investigations.

      The E.F.P.'s "real time, high visibility" green with red center LED display, allows others to view E.V.P. responses easily in dark locations. This feature allows users the ability to capture E.V.P. evidence on video. The device has a "white noise/ambient noise baseline adjustment" allowing the user, to set the baseline level on the devices illuminated scale. This provides a "visual reference" to see in real time any "addition" or "reduction" of proprietary frequency noise. The E.F.P.'s built in circuitry amplifies input signals to high levels allowing users to visually monitor E.V.P. responses at higher resolution. The input to the device has (1) 3.5mm stereo plug used to connect to any recording devices live audio output (earphone). The E.F.P. also has (1) 3.5mm audio output which can be used for earphone or mp3 type speakers. The E.F.P. has a "manual on/off switch" and built in "push button single LED navigational light". The E.F.P. operates on one standard "9volt" battery. The current regulation circuitry in the device provides hours of use. Read More...

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      SB7 Ghost Box with Amplified FM Sweep & Stronger AM Sweep


      ** Amplified & Enhanced FM Sweep

      ** AM sweep with stronger signals

      ** Built-in Volume Boost Amplifier for FM mode - Read More...

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      Electronic Listening Device with Dish


      Amplify sounds up to 300 ft away

      faint sounds are capture easily

      Can be connected to a digital voice recorder (with a patch cable sold separately)

      Built in 8X optical view finder

      Sound Band Adjustment: Expands/Narrows the cone of sounds picked up to find particular sounds Read More...


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      White Noise EVP Companion


      Pure White Noise for EVP and ITC Experiments

      This audio compact disc contains 100% genuine white noise, the best quality white noise you can get. So-called "white noise generators", which sell for a lot more, are usually frequency-biased in their attempt to simulate white noise. This CD was produced by incorporating data from natural chaotic systems, thereby obtaining 70 minutes of frequency-neutral and non-repetitive white noise. Don't take any chances with your subconscious! Get the "whitest" white noise there is.

      The white noise has been professionaly recorded at the maximum volume and frequency resolution any audio CD can hold, resulting in a sound that contains every frequency from 0 Hz to 22,050 Hz (22.05 kHz) at equal power, with absolutely no distortion or repetitiveness, in stereo. This is as good as white noise gets! Read More...

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      Labtec Microphone


      SaveĀ 43%

      Black Labtec Microphone With Stand, OEM


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      Sony ECM-DS70P Stereo Microphone


      High Quality Microphone for Recording on Digital Media for recordings with low noise, wide frequency response and dynamic range. Plug-In Power Operation needs no battery and ensures dependability under virtually all conditions. Uni-directional Stereo focuses on L and R channel sound originating in front of the microphone while minimizing surrounding sounds, and is an excellent choice for recording vocalists and solo or ensemble instrument performances Read More...