A Haunting: Ghosts and Demons 2 DVD set

A Haunting: Ghosts and Demons 2 DVD set

Some people believe that ghosts are human spirits struggling with unfinished business who sometimes need help from the living to find peace among the dead. Others believe that ghosts are inhuman spirits, who use us for very different reasons - to destroy all things sacred and steal our souls. In these four gripping tales of the supernatural from New Dominion Pictures' "A Haunting" series, ghosts, demons and other lost souls torment the living. With spellbinding eyewitness accounts and cinematic re-enactments, these stories will leave you wondering where the next evil lurks.

Running Time: Approx. 200 Minutes


Disc 1

On the island of Taiwan, many people believe
that there are no boundaries between the material
world and the spiritual realm. Ghosts are a part
of everyday life. When an American family
moves into a luxurious mansion, they see and
hear things that stretch their understanding and
can only be explained as supernatural.

When Jan’s seven-year old son, Cody,
begins communicating with a malevolent spirit
living in a nearby cemetery, she calls in a
Native American shaman. Using the shaman’s
prayers and ancient ritual, Jan battles
something far more dangerous than a ghost.

Disc 2

Lisa becomes enthralled with a photograph of her
boyfriend’s brother, a soldier killed in Vietnam.
her obsession grows and as the line between
dreams and reality blurs, she and her young
daughters realize that the spirit of the
dead soldier is taking control of their lives.

In Stamford, Connecticut, 12-year-old David suffers
from intense nightmares of a man with demonic
features. The dark dreams soon come to life when
an unseen force attacks David. Paranormal
investigators must face pure evil when they discover
the horrifying truth – David is not possessed by
one demon, but by an entire legion of them.