New Classes 2017

Please help us set up the first batch of classes for the first half of 2017!   We are expanding out the area we have normally given classes in the past.   This year we will be holding classes at familiar locations like The historic Library Company in Burlington NJ which is right over the Bridge from Philadelphia.   We will be doing classes at new locations like Whitehill Mansion in Fieldsboro NJ and Gettysburg PA!

Please check out the flyers below for the upcoming classes to see the descriptions of the classes and then fill out the form at the very bottom of the page if you are interested in any of them.   If you have any questions, are interested in having a class for your organization, are interesting in hosting a class in your area or part of the country or as a fund raiser please email us here:













































































New Classes

We are trying to set up our new class schedule in locations where the most people can attend. Please view the class flyers with descriptions and let us know what class you would be interested in and where you would like to take it.
Select ALL you are interested in, thanks