Demonology for Paranormal Investigators



Dave Juliano  will be teaching this class with the help of some of his team.  In addition to being the owner of The GhostHunter Store, he has also been a paranormal researcher with over 27 years of experience. He is the Director of  South Jersey Ghost Research, Sanctuary Paranormal and Sanctuary Deliverance.    Dave is also what is commonly referred to as a “demonologist” and is a member of the Clergy.    He deals primarily with negative and dangerous hauntings.  He has first hand experience with many cases including deliverances and exorcisms as well as personal encounters.   He has had the privilege of learning from and working with some of the top people in this field. He is also an author of Armor of God, a book on spiritual warfare, which is a multi-faith book of protection, deliverance and exorcism prayers.

If you are interested in have your group take this class please contact Dave at