Affiliate Program

Ghosthunter Store Affiliate Program

Shield of St Michael Affiliate Program

Earn extra money for your group or yourself. It’s completely free and it’s easy to sign up and set up. You’ll simply put a banner on your websites and when people click through and make a purchase you’ll earn 10% of the sale as a commission. We ship the order and you get paid your commission.

You can now sell individual products on your websites and earn the 10% on those sales as well!

Q. How do I join The Ghosthunter Store as an Affiliate/Publisher and start earning commission?
A. We are using ClixGalore Affiliate Marketing. They provide a free to join and easy method for Affiliates to build an account and start to place advertisements on their website. Please complete our Affiliate/Publisher signup form to join. You will be guided through a couple of pages where you will enter details of the website where the advertisements will appear. You are then free to join and start earning commissions.

Q. How do I select advertisements to place on my site?
A. You can view all the banners and rates the Merchant wishes to advertise. The Affiliate can then click on the banner they wish to take. The request is logged and an email confirmation will be sent once we approve approved the request.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of advertisements I can take?
A. clixGalore Affiliate Marketing imposes no limits on the number of banners you can place on your website.

Q. Can I place advertisements in emails and newsletters?
A. Yes you may place advertisements in emails and newsletters. Permission is required to place ‘click’ advertisements into these documents.

Q. How often do Affiliates get paid their commissions?
A. clixGalore Affiliate Marketing has a monthly pay schedule and will pay you when your commission reaches US$50 or AUD$100 or UK